Evan Ottoni is a freelance filmmaker and writer located in Toronto. After majoring in Philosophy and History at the University of Toronto, Evan worked for several years in project and account management at a tech startup. During this period he continued to moonlight as a freelance writer,  collaborating with friends in the Toronto media industry.

In 2014 Evan began working at a boutique production studio as an Associate Producer, producing predominantly commercial televised content. Here, he was afforded the opportunity to closely observe the professionals he worked with on a daily basis. Now, Evan freelances as a Producer, Writer, and Director on a variety of projects that include web series, short films and promotional content.

As a writer, he has always been drawn to cultural critique and reflections on pervasive social ideologies. These interests are mirrored in his filmmaking. A lover of anti-realist themes, he is passionate about developing imaginative and unconventional approaches to film archetypes with other emerging collaborators across international borders.